Here is my quick guide to achieve the “I woke up like this” look

You defiantly don’t need all this, the most important thing is that you do you!

Step One: Use consiler instead of a foundation, focus on the under eyes and other imperfection for an easy going look. I like to use this one by MAC:

Step Two: Use blush and a bit of highlighter on the cheeks for a glowy look.

Step Three: Use gloss base lipsticks, or product with a gloss finish.

Step Four: Highlight your eyebrows. Use a bit brow pencil or gel , that will give you a precised look and to help frame your face.

Step Five: With a bit of a dark eye shadow emphasize the outer corner of your eye close to lash-line and to finish things off, use a mascara.

The Finished Look:

Miss Danieli.

2 responses to “5 Steps To Get The Effort Less Look”

  1. Lexi Avatar

    Can’t wait to try this out!


  2. robynsnest1970 Avatar

    I like these simple steps. Turned out great!


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