3 Tips To Take Better Pictures &Improve Your Photography Game

It doesn’t matter if you use your phones camera or an actual one these tips can help improve your picture taking skills.

Use Natural Lighting

Why should I use natural lighting?

First of, it’s a free source light. And you don’t need to worry about getting bulbs for it.

It brings out more details on to your subjects and lit it well from the front and back.

Pro Tip: Try shooting portraits &landscapes in the golden hours, the lighting is softer and the colors will turn out more vibrant.

Edit Your Photos

No, I’m not talking about the type of editing like facetune, I like to keep the photo as close to the original as possible, but changing a bit the color can help transfer the story you are trying to tell in best way.

Lightroom! Lightroom! Lightroom!

Lightroom uses preset which are configuration of settings, designed to give a certain look and style to your photo(Checkout some of my presets here). Your photo can be altered to have a different look or to achieve the tones you desired just by one click on preset instead of starting all over again while editing a new picture.


Stop, look and then click

You should always think- “What do you want to draw attention to in your photograph?”

By framing the scene or the subject, say with a window or an archway, you lead the viewer’s eye to the primary focal point.

Just like how I did in this picture:

Also you could use other objects to frame the subject of your picture, Like Here:

Bonus Tip: Practice as much as you can! Take as many as pics as you can! That is the only way to get better!

Miss Danieli.

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