No Suitcase, No Problem!

In the post-covid era, now that the sky has opening again, and many countries are welcoming tourists again, flight companies are offering much cheaper deals with only a trolley or backpack with no suitcase. Here is what you need to know to make the best of it! Trust me, I know it's kinda wired to … Continue reading No Suitcase, No Problem!


Fall/Winter Trends You Need To Get On- 2021 Edition

Here it's still feels like summer although we are deep into the fall season, so it's easy to forget that. But at other parts of the world you can already feel the cold. So here are some trends for the coming colder seasons (Links included). Dramatic Puffed Sleeves Everything From shirts: From ELOQUII To coats: … Continue reading Fall/Winter Trends You Need To Get On- 2021 Edition

JJ The Teddy Bear

JJ The Teddy Bear Takes Over Instagram

JJ already cough the eyes of people of Vouge . But who is standing behind him? It is not the fist time we see imaginary figures as fashion influencers, we have the virtual model, like @lilmiquela , and the @boobie_billie. But to be honest I did not expect this. If you scroll trough his page, … Continue reading JJ The Teddy Bear Takes Over Instagram

Cool Masks For Corona

Well this pandemic definitely made waves also in the fashion world. Who thought that a face mask will become a fashion accessory and not just a statement. While we are trying to figure out if lipstick is still a thing... Here are a few masks and DIYs that you need to see! Black Is Classic … Continue reading Cool Masks For Corona

Summer Trends for 2020

Guest Post By- Chelsey Ocean The weather is finally getting warm, and the end of May Bank Holiday has just flown by – only meaning summer is very vastly approaching. Even though the lockdown is currently a big cloud shadowing our life’s, does not mean we cannot appreciate 2020 Summer Fashion Trends, and oh my … Continue reading Summer Trends for 2020

5 Steps To Get The Effort Less Look

Here is my quick guide to achieve the "I woke up like this" look You defiantly don't need all this, the most important thing is that you do you! Step One: Use consiler instead of a foundation, focus on the under eyes and other imperfection for an easy going look. I like to use this … Continue reading 5 Steps To Get The Effort Less Look

This Is My Back To School Wish List:

I know some of you had already started the school year. And some of you don't even go to school. But every body loves lists and every body loves stationery. So I've started my semester a few days ago, but I'm making this wish list instead of paying attention in class. Here we go! This … Continue reading This Is My Back To School Wish List:

Tech Wear, Wearable Tech &Everything In Between

With the last apple announcement about the new iPhone and the new apple watch made me thinking, how is it that the most popular piece wearable tech is just a smaller version of our phone, and it even dose less stuff. Sure, yeah I admit. I really hoped having really cool gadgets like in … Continue reading Tech Wear, Wearable Tech &Everything In Between

The best places for inta pics in Norway

The Best Places For Insta Pics In Norway

Next on my guide for finding the best locations for Instagram abroad is Norway. Oh Norway, what a beautiful country and my last destination (correct to writing these lines). This country is filled with water, greenery and a weird obsession with trolls (yes, trolls!). So let's start from the beginning, here are my top locations … Continue reading The Best Places For Insta Pics In Norway