With all the Corona panicking that goes on right now I think it’s time time to take it down a notch and relax so I made this list of things to do at home if you want to quarantine right or just want relax 🙂

First Thing fist! snacks!

Doesn’t matter if you want to bake them or buy them, this is for soul.

Next Let’s hydrated that face!

You don’t even realize it, but your daily routine has changed, and because we stay home most of the day we tend to take as much care as we used to. So it’s very important to give back some love to your face, by using a nice face wash and a good moisture. Doesn’t really matter what product you’re using as long as you keep a routine.

So this are the products I use right now

To face wash click here

To tiny sponge here

But you could use anything you like 🙂


Just stop thinking for a sec. Turn up the volume. And dance like no one is watching!

Lets talk about the tech side of it

Some of us are working from home now, well at least for my day job I needed a pare of headphones that wear small and convenient that I could wear for long.

I did recently get the new Samsung Galaxy Buds and tbh, for the price I’m happy with the quality. A full review would be coming soon.

At this point I’m convinced we should all have a smart watch just because it reminds us to move and it’s fast easy way to keep track of whats going on without being attached to my phone. I use the Active 2 for a few months now and don’t really have any complains.

Hope you’ll are keeping safe &healthy,

Stay home and save the world!

Miss Danieli

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