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Hey, I’m Miss Danieli

I’m a content creator, blogger and a photographer. Miss Danieli was created so I could have a place to combine my passion and hobbies for lifestyle and traveling with blogging & photography. Basically it’s my online lab of lifestyle and Trends.

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Episode 5- Not The End Of The World, Just The End Of The Year Dani Daily

  1. Episode 5- Not The End Of The World, Just The End Of The Year
  2. Episode 4- Gossip Time
  3. Episode 3- Floating On A Rock- Birthday Edition
  4. Episode 2- Productivity
  5. Episode 1- introduction

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Latest Posts:

Gift ideas For Gardeners

With Christmas around the corner, or if you are Jewish like me, the Hannukah, and also it’s the end of the year so seasons change and it’s a great opportunity to get something for your fellow gardener (or yourself, I don’t judge!) 1. These Super Stylish Pare Of Gloves Help us protect our hands and…

Is crypto mining worth it in 2023?

I tried using Elon Musk new AI creating the following blog post, here is how it went: So I asked an AI to write me a blog post: In recent years, the world of cryptocurrency has experienced tremendous growth and innovation. Many people have turned to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as a way to…

Ideas For Christmas/ New Years Looks

With 2023 being upon us, And December being the last month of the year, the last month for celebrations, here are some look ideas for New-years/ Christmas: 1. The Classic Red Dress: 2. Glitter, glitter, glitter! 3. If you feel like being a show stopper the next one will be right for you: 4. Another…

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