The Netherlands

The Netherlands, with 6.7 million tourists every year in Amsterdam alone, it’s one of the most beautiful countries. And that’s why I choose to start my traveling posts with it.

I flew to Europe a few times, and it’s my dream to visit all of it, to Holland I’ve been twice before. These days you have not really been somewhere unless you put a pic on the gram. And that’s what inspired me to start these series of traveling post in my blog. But let’s focus on this country today. Here is a few of my fav places to take pics in The Netherlands:

The plane- first best place to take a pic abroad

– Taken somewhere over Europe.

Outside your hotel

-There’re canals everywhere!
I mean look at this😍

Outside the Rijksmuseum

If you were from the lucky “few” who got to take a picture next to this sing. Last I heard it was taken down.

Literally any street because it’s sooooo beautiful!

Especially if you come from a hot country like me, a pic in the rain is a must!

The manneken pis chips

The best chips in Europe. Tested.

A ferry from central station in Amsterdam

Take a ferry from the left side of central station in Amsterdam (it’s free) and find this beautiful place on a little island

Amsterdam- Dam Square

Make sure to get one with the tram behind.

This color full crossing road

I man wow!

Zaanse Schans

Look at those windmills

Generally, love the restaurants in Holland, but this place is something else!

The Avocado Show restaurant

This was my experience, What about you?

Miss Danieli.

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