I did talk about this topic here before, and I’m glad to see a big chain like H&M, Is listing to their customers, like me, that do care about the environment. And this are why I choose to make this post.

We all heard about the Swedish power plant that is burning discarded H&M clothes for fuel back in 2017. But without a doubt, It’s been an exciting year for H&m, Between the designer collaboration with giambattista vallih, and lunching the new autumn collection focusing on sustainably.

H&m are claiming that they are making puffer and dress from recycled PET bottles, recycled wool and generally using materials with less impact on the environment.

Now let’s take a look at the collection:

Picture was taken from the H&M Website
Picture was taken from the H&M Website
Picture was taken from the H&M Website

Now let’s talk about the event, What is Rosh Hashanah?

On one leg, it’s basically the Jewish New Years. And there’s a big Family Dinner witch is a great excuse to dress up fancy (not that I need one).

And if I’m being honest, I bought my Rosh Hashanah dinner outfit from them.

It’s things like this that makes me happy,

Miss Danieli.

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