Well I’m going to share with you a secret that not many people know about me now (unless you went to high school with me), I’m CRAZY about unicorns!

From onesies to T-shirts to jewelry to stuff animals I got it all. But I’m always looking for ways to expand my collection and find more ways to incorporate more unicorn pieces .

Here I’m gonna share my very magical wish list:


My life motto on shirt.
This amazing unicorn inspired look


Fanny packs are in fashion, So it only feels natural to have a unicorn one.
I seriously want that pink bucket hat!
I already have a unicorn sleep-mask, I don’t even use it.. but I mean… It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!
Yeah… I’d like to know from I can get those for my bed


I know it’s not exactly fashion, but unicorns cakes took over Instagram the last few years and we can see them everywhere. And god! These looks amazing! It’s defiantly a hot trend

What is your obsession?

Miss Danieli.

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