The best places for inta pics in Norway

Next on my guide for finding the best locations for Instagram abroad is Norway. Oh Norway, what a beautiful country and my last destination (correct to writing these lines).

This country is filled with water, greenery and a weird obsession with trolls (yes, trolls!). So let’s start from the beginning, here are my top locations for an insta pic in Norway:

As I always say, the pics on the plane are the best! And it’s a good place to start documenting you vacation!

Here is me faking sleep for the gram:

Was taken somewhere over the Mediterranean
I just love looking at the clouds from above 😍

Waterfalls everywhere!!

Trollstigen Viewpoint

Lillehammer, Norway

I heard it’s a beautiful place to be in around Christmas. From my personal experience, it also has a very good Palapel place.
And obviously the Ski Jumping Arena where you can take this awesome picture!

Flora, Norway

A little bit of feminism had never hurt anyone.

Vigeland Sculpture Park

An amazing park that shows the stages an station in a persons life, and a great place for a lot of cool pics!

Oslo, Norway (The next 3 pics where taken from there)

The birds are not afraid of you and will even pose for you!

The High fashion street

On the way back, bye Norway

What is your next destination?

Miss Danieli.

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