Gopro announced their new camera on the 16 of September and I decided to check it out. I ordered from the official site on Sunday got it on Thursday (within 4 business days) just like they said when I ordered it. (UPS did amazing job delivering it all the way to my doorstep, also in these hard times of Corona being quarantined once again here. Have to say that with the Israeli Post Office, it would never happen..).

I ordered the magnetic clip with it, and an extra battery. And got a free 32GB micro SD, and had to get the Gopro subscription so it’ll be cheaper.

Did a full unboxing on my IG:

As this is my first Gopro, there are few things I noticed

  • Cons:
  1. It’s lagy, connecting it to the app was super hard, disconnected a bunch of time, took me about 30 mins just to get it started. Once it did. It was a piece of cake.
  2. Fixed focal length, you can’t really zoom like with a normal camera. But if you crop in, because the quality got so much better, it does compensate in a way.
  3. Fish eye view is not for everyone. There are a lot of ways to fix it, on of them is in “after production”, while editing there are a lot of programs that can automatically fix it once you let it know it’s a Gopro footage. And also linear mode kinda deals with it.

yet, It is just getting better!

  • Pros:
  1. The front facing screen, the only reason I bought it this time, and not the 8.
  2. It dose 5K now
  3. They brought back the replaceable lens, so no need to worry about scratching it anymore.
  4. Horizon leveling with the max lens.
  5. HyperSmooth- the stability of the Gopro- biggest selling point to me. A cellphone could never do that.

It’s up to you if to get it or not. It was on my Wishlist for a very long time, so I did. If you have the 8, I wouldn’t recommend the upgrade, there isn’t too much of improvement, camera quality vise, because at the end of the day, you’ll probably upload it to a platform like Instagram or YouTube. And there, it’s really hard to see the deferens because it is usually consumed on phones (compared to a TV, it’s a small screen) and it’ll be hard to tell the deferens. If you don’t have a Gopro at all, and budget is not a question, then I’d say start from the 9. Like all Tech companies, it’ll push more updates to it’s newer products.

(I will do a full review once I’m allowed out again)

Miss Danieli.

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