Having a tiny rain forest inside your home became a thing in 2020

It gets petty lonely during this very long lock-down season. We are not allowed to have pets (Landlord doesn’t allow it, or if you’re living with your parents or even simply your space is too small), kids are not an option.. Some of us are to young for kids or generally not ready, So we do the next best thing, which is to get a bunch of plants.

If you are on tiktok you probably have seen “plant tiktok” side. Accounts like @ikeagreenhousecabinet are gaining lots of popularity. Even dedicated Facebook groups (you can even buy them on the mart place). Everybody’s houses are turning into tiny jungles, and TBH, I’m loving it!

People are making it funny and really having fun with it, as you can see in this tiktok by @houseplantlover:

Or like this one, by @gaysucculents, where he also dises this year:


this tiktok is for everyone except my therapist if ur my therapist keep scrolling #plants #plantsoftiktok #plantdad

♬ original sound – danny 🌵

So I decide to start a new category where I’ll share my experience and some tips, stay tuned,

Miss Danieli.

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