So I got to do an interview with Izzy, or as he is known online, @izzybll. He is a content creator based in South Africa, with a following of 13.5k and growing.

Actually I never met Izzy face to face, but we became acquainted over a Facebook group where people share their art/ drawings several years ago.

Already there you could notice he was super talented! He genuinely cares about his followers and is very engaging with them on Instagram &with one of my favorite games, “guess how many edits I made” – where he shares an edit and gives us few options to choose from on his IG stories. He is one of the nicest people I have met online and he has great tips about editing. (He was the one to show me the importance of color grading).

  • What do you do by day?

“I’m in the medical and aviation fields.”

  • What would you describe yourself as?

“Honestly I do not consider my self an artist nor an influencer” he says, “I have a whole group of friends who will argue otherwise. But a hobbyist would be a suitable term.”

“Haters Will Say It’s Fake”

  • How did you start?

“I started a long time ago, not with photoshop but with actual drawing, painting, music creation, anything that involved creativity eventually this led into digital art and content creation.

When I realized drawing and imagination has a whole new side to it and that’s when I started learning to manipulate tools in software’s replicating what you could be able to do in photoshop, as back then did not actually have the software but learnt from other software’s that every tool can be used to do a lot more than just its given name.”

  • Why did you start posting your work?

“I actually just started posting for fun and had no other intention, to share it with friends but it slowly grew to more and more people, brands, etc. and I learnt the importance of being original, having your own style and not following in someone else’s, and improving over time, it’s a motivation to post more.”

  • What inspires your edits, how do you deiced what’s next?

“A lot of my initial ideas come from more of a mood or a current inspiration brought mainly from songs, phrases, quotes anything that has more of a meaning than just the visual side and ironically that turns into a visual. These also come from rough sketches and those turn to edits.”

  • What is your moto?

“Do it once and Do it right”

The Future

  • What are you working on now?

“Currently I’m on a pause from posting usually when I do this I work on new styles of work, new software’s etc. Such as now and soon to be I will be posting more 3d work as for the last 5-6 months now I’ve been practicing a lot on a software called “Blender” and I’m excited to go into more 3d work, animations and so on. Some great brand collabs coming soon too!”

  • What tip would you give to someone who is just starting?

“Especially with digital art and any concept art I would suggest to not compare yourself to others in the same field, especially when just starting out because doing so you’d compare yourself to someone who has maybe a year maybe ten years worth of experience with what they’re doing and comparing that to your own work could demotivate you so learn to take that as encouragement to where you could be or surpass, and I would say patience is a big key to becoming good in this field where its really all about the time and effort you put into learning what you’re doing rather than simply copying a concept. This is what would take you further in the long run. And do not be afraid to ask for help.”

Be sure to check him out on Instagram @izzybll

Miss Danieli.

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