Impressions &Honest Review

I was in the market for a smart watch for quite a while but the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is my first one.

For a long time I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get a smart watch, because they don’t really do anything special. They do everything a phone dose, sometimes even less and they don’t really work without one &why would I want to consistently to get push notification on my wrist?

Let’s talk about longevity

For me the battery lasted for about 3 days and 1.5 with a always one display.

I’m not a total gym junkie, and i’m pretty happy with the Samsung Health app, so it was pretty convenient for me that the watch supports it.

Something that I noticed is that since I don’t hold my pone in my as much as before since I can see messages and calls on my watch, I’ve been experiencing less “ghost vibrates” syndrome. And generally the argue to check my phone had reduced.

The watch works smoothly, and I love the rotating bezel to move between the watch faces, like it better then the apple version withe side button. And you know it’s a watch, it’s supposed to be round..

I’m pretty happy with that perches, what do you think? would you get one?

Miss Danieli.

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