Impressions &Honest Review

At this point I’d call myself a Samsung junkie. Yeah… I didn’t really need them.. But being quarantined at home, meant working from home, and making calls from home. I already own a pare of Bose qc35, and the sound in them is phenomenal! But having them on my head for so long wasn’t fun, and as a person who needs glasses it made it super uncomfortable. So here that was my excuse to get them. Totally work related!

While listing to music, I don’t think in ear headphones should be compered to over ear headphones. Because there is a differences. Music just sounds better in an over ear.

But the buds are so compact! and it’s so easy to curry them around because of their small size.

The sound is not the best, but quite good for the price.

The best part about them is that they are magnetic so they don’t fall of the case!

And you need to struggle with putting them back, they just jump back to their place.

The Buds have the convenient type C charging sloth and they also get charged wirelessly so if your galaxy dose that revers charging you could use it here.

What’s your opinion on the wireless buds?

Miss Danieli

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