I Finally Got Variegated Monstera

After 2 years I finally got it, the holly grail of plants, The Variegated Monstera♥ https://www.instagram.com/p/ChO5eNvL6Vt/ How Did I Get It? There was a guy in one of my Facebook groups (yeah I know, I'm that old), that was selling 2 cuttings. 3 mints haven't even passed and and I already texted the dude and … Continue reading I Finally Got Variegated Monstera

10 Plant Accessories You Need!

If you are out of ideas for gifts to that special someone who likes palts and gardening. Or maybe you just want to get yourself some thing nice, Here is a list of things to inspire you (With links) 1. This Plant Trellis: 2. These Moss Pole: 3. This Moisture Meter: 4. This Beautiful Modern … Continue reading 10 Plant Accessories You Need!

Prepare Your Plants For The Warmer Months

Although it doesn't really seems like it but the warmer days are coming upon us soon, this how you should prepare your plants for it. 1. Clear out weeds &dead leafs. Do a quick inspection of the area, removing any major debris and removing dead leafs. This alone will give your plants a fresh start. 2. … Continue reading Prepare Your Plants For The Warmer Months

What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Collecting Plants

Like Most People During Lock Down (Or In Between Them) I Got A Bunch Of Plants, Joined Some FB Groups, Made Some Really Cool Planty Friends. Here Is What I Learned Along The Way. Not every plant is for every person Our life Styles are different, and not every person might have the time or … Continue reading What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Collecting Plants


How To Take Care Of Your Plants For Winter

As it said in the famous show- "Winter is coming!" Did you buy a lot of plant during quarantine too? And now Its your fist winter with all if them, and you are not sure how to take care of them? Let me help you! Here is how to make it thought the winter dormancy … Continue reading How To Take Care Of Your Plants For Winter

Crazy Plat Lady

Having a tiny rain forest inside your home became a thing in 2020 It gets petty lonely during this very long lock-down season. We are not allowed to have pets (Landlord doesn't allow it, or if you're living with your parents or even simply your space is too small), kids are not an option.. Some … Continue reading Crazy Plat Lady