Nail Polish Trend For 2023

Hailey Bieber ate with her glazed donut nails mani, and it was a huge trend for 2022, here a few examples of what I think will be the biggest nail trends for 2023 Chrome Nails Milky Nails 100% inspired by Hailey Bieber nail's, this year it will look a little different. Colorful French … Continue reading Nail Polish Trend For 2023

neon nails

Nail Polish Colors You Have To Try!

If I'm honest, I hate neon colors. well mostly the yellows and the greens. And sometimes the oranges too. But there is just something about coloring all my fingers that color that just makes me happy. If there's anything I learned this summer is that if you see something you hate enough times, eventually you … Continue reading Nail Polish Colors You Have To Try!