With the last apple announcement about the new iPhone and the new apple watch made me thinking, how is it that the most popular piece wearable tech is just a smaller version of our phone, and it even dose less stuff. Sure, yeah I admit. I really hoped having really cool gadgets like in “Back […]

The best places for inta pics in Norway

Next on my guide for finding the best locations for Instagram abroad is Norway. Oh Norway, what a beautiful country and my last destination (correct to writing these lines). This country is filled with water, greenery and a weird obsession with trolls (yes, trolls!). So let’s start from the beginning, here are my top locations […]

Big fashion chain stores like H&M, Zara and Forever 21 lets us have the latest fashion trends without paying the big bucks. But that also makes it for us more likely for us to buy things we don’t really need… which will eventually, end up in the trash sooner than later. Let’s start with the […]