This women’s day I celebrated making one of my (& my mom’s) dreams come true! We went to Paris!

You’ll must have read thousands of peoples guides to Paris, so I am not gonna do that, I am going to tell you a bit about my experiences and what got me excited.

Previously I got mixed reviews about Paris, with the food being not as advertised on social media , the local people and there lack of willingness talk anything but French, from colleagues and friends. I used to think of it as the most romantic and dreamed about being proposed in front of the Eiffel tower, being that happed a week prior at the comfort of my all I had left is to enjoy the beauty, the fashion and the cuisine that the city has to offer.

It was an organized tour from my moms work place, for all the ladies, and they could have choose either to share a room with a coluge or to bring there own partner from home, who isn’t an employ. Surprisingly the entire group was consistent with mothers and their daughters. This is also a trip where I made a new friend (and we still keep in touch).

The first place they took us, as we left the airport was to see the Eifel tower, I have to say my jaw drooped, it was beautiful, just like in the pictures!

It was a rather short trip, and on our last day the strikes started, luckily we didn’t really suffer from them. The lines to the classic Instagramable places were extremely long, so I would choose in advance what places I can’t give up. But if you ask me I would go to Laduree, not just for the macaroons but also for the croissant!

The fashion is just amazing!! I felt so inspired walking in the streets of Paris, I feel like people effortlessly just have style over there.

The atmosphere, the vibes of the Shan Ze Lize, I would go back just to walk the street again!

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