With Christmas around the corner, or if you are Jewish like me, the Hannukah, and also it’s the end of the year so seasons change and it’s a great opportunity to get something for your fellow gardener (or yourself, I don’t judge!)

1. These Super Stylish Pare Of Gloves

Help us protect our hands and look good at the same time!

You can also opted for these natural ones:

2. A beautiful pink set for a queen!

3. We Can Never Have Enough Of These!

Plant tags

or the more simple ones these:

4. Hydroponic System

low key this has been on my wish list for a long time, and they can get somewhat expensive I’m sure your fellow gardener would apricate this one

5. Garden Lights

Not the obvious option for us the gardeners, and sometimes we don’t even think about it ourselves

Or the simpler options

6. Now That’s A Difficult One, Get Them A Wishlist Plant

My boyfriend actually did that, he bought a bush of roses for my Bday (last November).It can be tricky because the plants can either be super hard to source or really expensive, but, if you’ll mange to full this one off your gardener will be super thankful for you!

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