Every year, just before the holidays, it’s sale seasons, but this time we are not going to to be rush about it, and we are not gonna buy stuff just because they are in sale, we are going to be mindful consumers and be smart about what we are shopping.

1. Make a list (whish list)
Be sure in advanced what do want to get, that way you’ll be able to avoid rush shopping and buy things you actually need and use,
Here are some examples of some items that are going to be hot this season, bonus point it’s a great gift idea list : 

If you are buying a gift for some else my tip would be not to get them something nice but something they're going to use- useful gifts are the key!

2. There are sales all over the month of November-
(honorable mentions- singles days)
The INKY LIST are have a sale trough out the month of November.
There are other companies that do so as well, and it will be easier to find what ever you need on sale this month

This is an excellent time to get ahead on your holiday shopping, and also a great time to buy things for yourself.

3. Find your coupon codes/ discount in advanced

  • At ASOS for example (if you live in Israel) you can use the 17IL
  • At Displate there are different discount codes- EXTA10 or BB25- depends on how much you spend.


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