So recently I flew abroad with my partner for the first time, here are some tips to make the most out your trip!

1. Make an itinerary!
It will be easier to maximize your time on your trip and make it efficient as possible. Also planning the trip is a great idea for date night (Thus becomes very easy when you’re dating a type A person or you are one your self).

2. Plane activities for the rides and plane flight!
There will be some “dead time” between activities, when tour trying to get from on place the other, or while getting to your final destinations. Make a list of game, a playlist or a list of questions you could ask them during that time. Of course you can also download some tv series or movies.

3. Be upfront!
Be open and honest with your partner. If you are not enjoying an activity you should tell tour partner, so you’ll could do something more fun instead, that you’ll both enjoy.

4. Make time to food!
Trust me, like the Sneakers, you are not you when you are hungry. It’s much easier to think straight on a full stomach, also it will make for wonderful memories to bond new food.

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