Although it doesn’t really seems like it but the warmer days are coming upon us soon, this how you should prepare your plants for it.

1. Clear out weeds &dead leafs.

Do a quick inspection of the area, removing any major debris and removing dead leafs. This alone will give your plants a fresh start.

2. Prune.

Clearing out old blooms. Late winter/early spring is the perfect time to prune back Early spring is also the perfect time to prune and shape woody ornamentals.

Do remember to sterilize your pruners before cutting each plant (tbh I kinda don’t always follow it myself). This is another of precaution to keep you from spreading plant disease from one plant to another. 

3. Prepare the soil.

While pruning your plants, you might consider adding a little fertilizer to the soil to ensure that wounds heal quickly and to promote new growth.

4. Divide &propagate

In your inspection you might notice that some of your plats feel a bit crowded. It’s time to separate babies from there mama’s and give them their own pots. But I would absolutely wait till it’s warmer outside before I do that. Also a great idea is to try and propagate some of the cuttings that we took in number 3.

Bonus Tip: It is a great time to go and get some new plants, who am I kidding it’s always a good time to go get some plants.

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