Forgot that tommorow is Valentines day?/ forgot your anniversary/ was too lazy to plan someting for date night?/don’t know what to do with them on a first date? That’s ok! I got you covered- Here is a list of five easy things you can do with loved one (Bonus it’s alose walet friendly)

First of all, and the most important is to set intentions! Ask your date to be your date/ Valentine also if you’ll are already dating, like actually ask them out. With words. A small but meaningful and romantic gesture, that could mean a lot to your significant other.

#1: Good Old Fashion Picnic:

Yes, yes super cliché.. But nothing can go wrong with eating food in a beautiful spot (Bonus Points: If you made the food your self, but if that is too much of a hazard or cooking is not your forte, there’s always an option to buy the food, or even take-away).

#2: VIP Movie:

Lots of new romantic movie are coming out during this month (FEB), it’s also an activity that is

#3: Gaming Bar

Like a normal bar but with games. You can choose if you want it to be arcade type or console type. Trust me noting breaks the ice like a good game of Tekken.

#4: Cherry /Apple picking

This dose depend on the time of year, but there is probably something edible growing somewhere. Apples, strawberries, cherry, whatever. Insta-friendly outing that ends with yummy snacks and you’ll might also have a cool road trip on the way there and back.

#5:Paint and sip

Those are starting to aper everywhere, so must have one nearby you. It’s a fun and easy date. And if there isn’t any close to you, 100% you can DIY it- get some canvasses and paint, some drinks and throw your own.

Have fun &enjoy!

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