One the 1-st of August I stared an Instagram challenge:


 I’ve seen this challenge where people post for 90 days straight to try and see if the “almighty algorithm” will start to favor them & to try and see if they can improve their engagement and get better exposure. So I decided it’s a nice summer project, before starting the next semester and also bc it will be during the Bday month of my blog🥳 I decided to take it as a personal challenge to try and improve my content as well.

SO this is what I have learn:

  • It is really hard to post every day

At some point it became really hard to stay motived to keep on posting every day. Also if I “batched” my content, it was quite difficult to keep up. Basically was like having a second job.

  • Engagement is more important then quantity

There were a lot posts who did not perform well, either because they were posted just so I have something online or it was not relatable for the community I have right now. But the posts I had more views on (because the engagement was higher) got me new followers and where mostly planty related content, or if they were reels, they had a very popular song in them

  • I actually lost followers

Yeah.. I went form 1524 followers to 1488.

But I can also look at it in a good way, because the people who are not interested in my content left. witch should eventually bring up my engagement.

  • I need to find a team

It is really hard to come up and execute the ideas for the content I want to create all by yourself. I wish I had a community or that my friends would have the same interests (blogging), so we could get together and encourage each other to keep going.

Button line: I need to regroup a new strategy.

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