I went camping in Mitzpeh-Ramon, to see the meteor shower

 It was first time I went camping in years. I got there with my best friend, and no doubt we had our mishaps along the way, from having a problem to find a parking spot to our tent braking on us. but let me tell what I have learned during the time I have served: duct tape will fix everything.

So yeah we had to throw away the tent in the end, but it was fun anyways..

Took with me a semi-professional camera that had difficulty to keep up with filming in the dark. which made me to mostly rely on my gopro 9.

I was quite surprised I was able to take this time laps in the dark:

The meteor showers is mostly visible during August here, and can be seen from any spot around the country, but for sure Mitzpeh Ramon is the best place for star gazing. Even the city shuts off all the lights in the city during the night in August(just during for those few days) every year in efforts to increase the visibility.

If you want to consider coming here next year to see it for yourself, It’s important to note that it gets cold during the nights, so don’t forget to bring something hot to wear and something hot to drink. And flashlights because it will be very dark.

I’d like to conclude with what I overheard a group of teens say over there:

Only haters will say that there is enough food

Random Teen

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