After my last post about building my first custom keyboard (read here), it’s time for the review.


I had the keyboard for a little over two months now, and I’m ready to share my thoughts and how I feel about it.

Let’s Start With The Positive Side:

The Unboxing:

No doubt the unboxing experience is amazing! And feels very premium. The keyboard has a nice heft to it witch make it feel fancy.

As you open the box you first see the keyboard. There is a little tab you can pull on to open another compartment, there you get a switch remover, a keycap puller, the cable and two small magnetic feet (or keyboard stand).

The Color:

I got the Space Gray Color. And It is kind of metallic, kind of a lot. I did read other reviews so I had some idea that the color of keyboard on the site is not the same as IRL. And yet, I love it! The color matches the aesthetics of my set-up perfectly (as the main color is gray), and it also matches my laptop color almost perfectly.


If you’re an aggressive typer (like yours truly), you might encounter some metallic, hollow sound. It may differ depending on the type of switch you use.
I did think of a fix, to use foam to stabilize the keyboard even further,  but didn’t get to try it yet.

The Cable:

The cable is a nice thick type C cable. But for this price, I’d expect it to at least be braided.

The RGB Light:

The RGB light options are amazing! but once you change it from the default rainbow option (the first one), and you unplug the keyboard from the computer, or even restart your computer, the RGB option you choose gets reseted back to the default option. Unless you go to the Drop website and choose the RGB color way you want and download it, but then that becomes the only color way, and you can’t change it again unless you go back to site, again.

In all I still love the keyboard, It feels very good and high-end. I do want to get a different cable and cool keycaps for it.

Let me know if you like your CTRL keyboard, or do you prefer a different keyboard?

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