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So some how during the second lockdown I really got in to set ups and PC builds. A big part of a set up is the keyboard.

As a student I can’t really just spend too much money on a completely new build at once, especially after spending money on a new laptop for school. So I decided to take baby steps, and start with the keyboard.

The Chassis

My biggest problem was it to find a 100% keyboard, that is hot swappable with back lighting and that also ships to Israel. (Spoiler alert: couldn’t find one).

So I settled for 80%

I got the chassis from DROP

The Switches

I really wanted to find some silent red switches. But just couldn’t find any in stock! So I had to go with normal red ones from AliExpress.

The Keycaps

Also them I got from AliExpress. But actually had to get 2 sets, one normal (only in English) with color way I wanted, and the other one had to be just the letters in hebraw because they are hard to come acrose in the color way that I wanted to get.

Make sure to check out my Tiktok to see the build process:

I really had fun with this one. Have you ever tried to build a custom keyboard?

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