It’s November and you can already smell all the sales in the air, singles day, boxing day, shopping il and the cherry on top BLACK FRIDAY.

So I’ve created this list to help you get the most out of the sales

Cult Beauty:

Recently it became my favourite site. What’s great about it, is that if you live outside the UK the taxes get deducted, and that’s before additional discounts.

They have a sales section on the regular (cheak it out here)

And they are promising to have extra sales during black friday (cheak it out here)

Click here for extra 10£ off your first order.


You already know my opinion about shein, and if you don’t you can check it (here).

Referring to thier pre- black friday events, there isn’t much difference to their normal discounts, they do have a dedicated code: SHETM but it doesn’t do anything extra to the h3w/ s1toy/ sj134 codes. They do have a special tab for that (cheak it out here) but I don’t think it’ll be too special, maybe free shipping.


Another British shopping website, this time in the clothing department, usually they have really good black friday sales, in the mean time you can check it their pre black friday sales (here)


The world’s biggest supermarket market. They also have a special black friday tab that will get updated on that day (cheak it out here)

Also please be mindful with your shopping. We don’t need to create extra waste. Repeat after me: I don’t need to get it just because it’s on sale!

Happy Shopping 🤍🛍

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