As it said in the famous show- “Winter is coming!”

Did you buy a lot of plant during quarantine too? And now Its your fist winter with all if them, and you are not sure how to take care of them? Let me help you!

Here is how to make it thought the winter dormancy

Watering Will Be Less Frequent

Less light, less photosynthesizing, less water needed. Generally only water when the soil is dry. unless you’re instructed differently, but usually for house pla

Manage Your Expectations

Don’t expect much growth. and you might get some yellow leaves- And that’s OK. There is less sun, so the plant is not doing as much photosynthesizing, so if you get one or two yellow leaves it’s fine.

Remember: If you bring your plants from out side, inside, remember to pests check them. Spray them with water/ neem oil. Make sure you won’t bring anything inside that could harm your indoor plants.


Generally try to avoid that during the winter time. The best time to repot most houseplants is during periods of active growth, in spring or summer, so the plants have more energy to stretch in their. pots.

Most Important Note!

Do what right for your plants, in your climate. And just what you read online, do your research.

Do you have any tips? What works for you? Share in the comments.

Miss Danieli.

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