I was contemplating for a long time about posting this or not. I didn’t want it to come of as if I’m trying to ride this movement just so I could create content. And I think that is why I waited so long before writing this words. What finally made me write this is actually this video by MKBHD.

You defiantly should check out his video before we continue:

For those of you who don’t know who he is (which I doubt you’ll exist), he is a tech Youtuber that happens to be a person of color. In his video he chooses to talk about his experience, and that’s what I’ll attempted to do as well.


This is something that took me a long time to be in peace with. I come from a place where I didn’t experience “special treatment” because I had darker skin, but was constantly reminded of it.

If it’s on a high school trip, at night, when someone thinks it’ll be funny to scream- “Smile, otherwise we can’t see you, it’s dark”

Or a person who doesn’t know the wight of the N-word, decides it’ll be cool to call me that just because I’m brown.

Sure, yeah, that’s what kids do, say stupid things without really thinking about or meaning it. But that’s just it. It’s in the small things.

The person who acts that way won’t put much thought in to it. But they are not the one who gets affected by their actions.

It continues with people comparing their skin color to your saying- “I’m going to try and get as tan as you are this summer”. Not understanding that I didn’t sit in the sun to have this color, I was born this way. And it took me a long time to be OK with that and accept that.

Make- up companies, not even having a fitting rang for darker skin tons making you feel like an important demography.

What it eventually Dose..

It makes you come up with this cynical attitude, you choose to tell these “jokes” about you, before letting anyone else have the chance before you do, so you won’t get hurt.

There are different ethnicities, that also have a dark skin who encounter the same problems. And as person who is born to Indian parents, I can tell you that there is a preference towards lighter skin people within the community, you can see it movies and TV shows, and there is the huge issue with the “fair and lovely” cream. But that’s for a whole other post.

Now, what is happening in America right now and the treatment that the black community is receiving from the police is absolutely unacceptable. And I’m not trying to make excuses or trying to take away from the impotence or the urgency of the issue. But the problem is not just in America. And the problem is not just against black people. It’s a global issue. And it’s called racism.

This is why, there are protests all over the world. This is why other people, who are not even black are joining the protests .

If you want a better understanding of what is like to be black in America I recommend watching this video by Vuhlandes, Where he describes, by his words- “THESE ARE MY THOUGHTS AND HOW I FEEL AND RIGHT NOW MORE THAN EVER I THINK WE NEED TO START SHARING HOW WE REALLY FEEL”.

What’s different this time?

It’s not the first protest for BLM, and we had similar protests here in Israel before, but this time with the rise of social media and influencers power, Looks like they are actually trying to make a change and it’s not just another issue one the news.

Even the big platforms are using their power to bring awareness, as you can see here:

Pinterest has this option in its home page to support this movement. Youtube lets you have an option to donate attached to some videos.

What Can You Do To Help?

It’s great that you decided that now you want to support black creators, or donate a bit of money to different organisations. But the change starts with each and everyone of us. We could all just be kind to one another.

Black Owned Businesses Thread:

If you thinking of donating click here.

Miss Danieli.

3 responses to “The Color Of My Skin”

  1. Geoffrey Zziwambazza Avatar

    Thank you for sharing. As a POC blogger I know how hard it is to share our stories. I was afraid to share mine because I thought people would react negatively or call me an attention seeker. From personal experience, I believe you are brave for sharing this with the world.


  2. jennybhatia Avatar

    Thank you for sharing. It’s hard to know the right things to say. I agree with you that we could all start by just being kind to one another. It’s hard for me to understand why this concept is so difficult, but it is. Thank you for adding resources and thoughts on the subject. Let’s work to make this world a better place.


  3. 8 Bloggers and Writers that Support Racial Equality - Culture Conceived Avatar

    […] “The Color of My Skin” by Miss Danieli tells the story of a young woman who was ostracized for the color of her skin. Because of her dark complexion, she was the butt end of all the “harmless” jokes. A young woman who had to come to peace with the fact that she is a POC because she was darker than the other kids. She was not given the opportunity to celebrate her heritage and identity within an accepting and supportive community. Miss Danieli’s post is a simple reminder that “harmless” acts of racism are, still unequivocally, acts of racism. […]


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