I know some of you had already started the school year. And some of you don’t even go to school. But every body loves lists and every body loves stationery.

So I’ve started my semester a few days ago, but I’m making this wish list instead of paying attention in class. Here we go!

This awesome backpack:

Plus it’s velvet so super fash!

Always! always in need for some extra juice& Anker is just the company for that:

And those batteries (some of them) are totally customizable by dbrand so they can match your aesthetics.

Stationery :

I have enough. I swear! But I need more!
Did I mention I have a unicorn obsession?

Let’s talk about outfits for a moment, k?

It’s always too cold at the class room. And TBH I prefer it that way because I like having an excuse to wear a jacket or sweater (witch you really need, because it can really hot in Israel).

Smart Watch:

I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels that having a full sized phone is just too distracting to have on the table while studying, so a smart watch is good way to let you have that little glimpse without getting too much in to it. And its a good way to get a little more in shape because it suggests you to do little exercise when you sit ob your butt for too long.

What is the most important thing for you to get before starting the semester?

Miss Danieli.

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