With the last apple announcement about the new iPhone and the new apple watch made me thinking, how is it that the most popular piece wearable tech is just a smaller version of our phone, and it even dose less stuff.

Sure, yeah I admit. I really hoped having really cool gadgets like in “Back to the future” or at least for smart watches, to be as cool as the one that Martin Mystery had.

So I stared to look online, I was expecting to see more things like this:

But instead of writing “Wearable tech”, I googled “Tech wear”, and thats a whole other world …

More army like, mostly dark colors.

Let’s start with defenestration, what is tech wear?

The main appeal of techwear clothing is that it can make life easier, whether it’s being able to carry more stuff on a weekend trip or to stay dry in a downpour.

According to Grailed.com

It’s all about comfort!

Range of motion and comfort, carrying capacity and lots of layers. Jackets are probably what come to mind first when you think of techwear, with lots of pockets, for extra cool points for the gram.

I definitely want to try this style myself.


  • Tech wear is cool! it makes you look like a ninja and gets a tone of likes on insta.
  • More designers should be like “lumencouture” and bring fashion a technology together, because I mean, It’s beautiful!

Miss Danieli.

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