This How The Army Effected My Style

In Israel serving in the army (IDF) is mandatory. I know that the whole Israel thing is a sensitive topic, and I’m not going to address it now. But I’m going to discuss how the timing of my requirement changed my personal style.

We get enlisted around a crucial point in our life (around 18 y/o), where we as young adults, have to get up when we’re told, wear the same unis like everyone else and do whatever job is sanctioned for us. Without having much “say” about it, at a point in life where we’re supposed to be the most rebellious of our self.

For that, on my free time, in the beginning I was mostly wearing street wear, anything that was the complete opposite from formal and put together, in the most unclassy way. Crop tops, mini skirts, skinny jeans, etc…

avoiding green

During my service and a little bit after I really hated this color, and anything army like patterns cloths gave me the chills. So I did my best to avoid that, witch turned out to be a really hard task, because the color green and things like this were becoming super popular at the time.

from: bershka

Don’t get me wrong it’s a beutiful color. And I did slip sometimes, like here for this beautiful piece from forever 21.

ACCEPTING the Khaki lifestyle

So a little bit after I finished my service, after having some time to reflect, green had really started to grow on me, and I started to incorporate it more in my wardrobe.

This is from When I went paint balling from work, and had to dress the part.

And in general I think I’ve diverted my style now to be a little more classy and put together, I still would describe my style as urban. But maybe with a bit more work appropriate twist.

Now a moment of honesty. Every soldier ever, would complain about their service. Doesn’t matter what they’ll be doing, that’s how it is.. But I would most differently do it again! I got to do some pretty amazing things that are not directly connected to my job, like finding this pup a home (on the left) and seeing and learning more about my country (on the right) .

Miss Danieli.

Miss Danieli

22 y/o blogger, covering all trending topics and provide all latest feed, fashion &tech world

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