It’s election day in my country, and it’s time to make some hard choices!

Trends come and go but there a few things that never go out of fashion, here are some of my must haves in your closet.

A good pare of jeans

You can never go wrong with jeans. It goes with everything, thou some people may say it’s too causal… But I disagree (as long as it’s not ripped jeans).

A good bag


I have so many but haven’t found the ultimate one yet. But it’s very important to have a good bag that holds all your stuff, looks good and it’s easy to find all your stuff in it.

Black trousers

Same as the jeans. They go with everything. And unlike the jeans, they are always elegant!

Tailored jacket

A fine jacket can just tie your entire outfit together, that’s why I always make sure to have one in reach from me.


This is my favorite. I always had many watches, but once I got my real fist pay check the first thing I did is to get a real watch. For me, this was the step or symbolic way to say that now I’m an adult .

What are some of your must haves?

Miss Danieli.

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