With the semester starting soon I usually have a hard time coming up with ideas for looks I should wear to class. Well I know I’m not the only one, I thought to share with you what I usually do to get inspired.

Something that says fashion and comfy at the same time is not always easy to find. But luckily for you I made a list of things that helps me when I need a little help with that.

Go Shopping:

The first one is easy, just go get some new closets that you could add to your everyday mix and match.

Start with the basic: There are some basic pieces, like Jeans and plan shirts, that I feel, are a must a must in your wardrobe.

Plan Ahead:

I like planning my next weeks outfits so I could avoid repeating my outfit choices .

Make-up and hair:

I like making sure my hair is out of my face while at during the classes, using pins or hair styles like braids and pony tales.

As per make- up, I like the less is more look with a bold lip.


The right accessories can really upgrade you’r outfit. When I’m going to class I try to avoid wearing accessories that makes noise because I get easily distracted.

Also you could find lots of interspersion on Instagram. speaking of witch, Don’t forget to follow us on the gram @Miss.Danieli for more inspiration!

Now it’s your turn to try it yourself!

Miss Danieli.

One response to “School Appropriate”

  1. trenzznet Avatar

    Very useful tips! 👌


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