How Did Being A Sneakerhead Became The Next Dream Job?

Before we start, lets just clarify, who are the sneakerhead? A sneakerhead  is a person who collects, trades, or admires sneakers. Who is running out of closet space.. because you can stack up boxes so high.

We see them all over our explore page on the gram, on our recommendations on YouTube, People like Jacques Slade, Bsneak , helsoe and the list goes on.

There is even a WikiHow about How To Be a Sneakerhead!

Add a little bit of designer footwear and a finch off celebrity collabs, and there you have it guys! Of course the recent trend of wearing sneakers with everything just helped the rise of them, but some will argue it’s the chicken and egg paradox, because we are not really sure what came first. But one thing is certain they go hand in hand.

Miss Danieli.

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